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Advantages and disadvantages of working with deliveries with own vehicle

Did you know that working with deliveries with your vehicle is a great alternative to undertake or even get an extra income? If you have a vehicle of your own, be it a car or a motorcycle, you are already halfway to being able to work as a delivery man.

However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Working as a delivery person with your own vehicle may be ideal for you, or not. Are you curious and want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of working with deliveries with your own vehicle? So, keep reading!

Advantages of working with deliveries with own vehicle

If you are part of the Brazilian population that wants to have your own business and earn a lot with delivery services, know that the area offers good opportunities.

We list the main tips for you below. Follow up!

Make your own schedule

One of the advantages of being the owner of your own business, for sure, is making your own schedule.

You can choose to work on a scale, and you can also dedicate as many hours as you feel necessary.

Thus, you balance the budget with your service capacity, while still not being able to hire more people to grow with the business.

Choose what type of delivery you want to make

You can also select what type of delivery you want to make. This is linked to your availability for work and the type of vehicle you have.

If you have a motorcycle, for example, you will have to opt for smaller deliveries, as the vehicle does not hold a large volume.

If you have a short time to dedicate yourself to this beginning, you will likely dedicate yourself to fast deliveries, that is, that have priority and, consequently, a greater value.

If you have a van or similar, you can deliver to distributors and shops.

The advantage of this work model is that you can establish a monthly amount to receive, with the possibility of providing the service on a fixed basis.

Supplementary income

If you are working to fulfil a dream, like changing a car or even buying your own home, having an extra income is essential to make that goal closer, right?

That's when working with deliveries with your own vehicle can help!

That's because this may not be your main activity, however, it can help you supplement your income.

The situation also applies to any urgency or situation that needs to make more money.

Be your own boss

By choosing this work format, at the same time you have the freedom to create your schedule, you also have the responsibility to generate income using only your labour, your vehicle, and fuel.

Also, being your own boss, you can grant more quality to your service.

Disadvantages of working with deliveries with own vehicle

Adults understand that everything has its good and bad sides, don't they?

And it's no different when it comes to working with deliveries with your own vehicle.

See below the main disadvantages of working with this type of service.

Picking bad customers

Choosing bad customers is a mistake that a budding entrepreneur can make.

After all, you can fall into the mistake of making lower prices for acquaintances and, worse, sometimes not even charging for delivery, to please people.

But, like any business, it is necessary to generate profit!

So, you need to develop skills to know which choices to make, and which deals will be good for you or not, before closing with a client.

Having to deal with bureaucracy

To provide a service formally, that is, to be able to issue an invoice, have taxes collected and assistance from the government, you need to formalize yourself.

This is because some large companies hire this type of service and ask their couriers to at least provide a document proving their profession. So, you will probably have to deal with a lot of bureaucracy.

Having to deal with maintenance costs

As you will work with your vehicle, you will need to keep it running perfectly to perform the activity.

For this, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance, supply the vehicle and maintain economic driving so as not to have problems in the future.

The last tip we have for you is to choose a reliable platform that offers advanced technology that helps you in your day-to-day delivery. So, come and discover Ondway, a delivery platform for restaurants that cares about you and provides everything you need to do your job with excellence: courier wallet, optimizes routes, task notifications, courier app and more! Register now!

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