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How to attract more customers using delivery in your restaurant

With the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the advancement of internet connectivity, the process of shopping in the digital environment was even more stimulated, especially for deliveries. Therefore, it is important that you know how to use digital marketing techniques for delivery, with the aim of promoting increased sales in your business.

More and more people buy everything for delivery. Currently, applications allow the purchase of various products such as food, supermarket items, pharmacy items, pet products and even drinks.

To attract even more customers and make your sales grow, it is essential to know which digital marketing strategies can be applied to your delivery. We'll talk about that later!

Important tips for those who work with delivery

Anyone who works with delivery should know that this is a constantly growing market with many opportunities.

The main points to attract more customers

Therefore, to attract customer visibility and obtain a competitive edge in the market, it is essential to invest in digital marketing and have strategies for good positioning, recognition and loyalty of potential customers.

For this, it is necessary to have knowledge of the following elements:

  • Know your target audience;

  • Create social networks;

  • Produce quality content on blogs or websites;

  • Develop other customer contact networks, such as WhatsApp;

  • Have good photos to attract the public's attention;

  • Fulfil what you promise in the ad.

The first step is to know your target audience. For example, a company that works with the sale of healthy, lactose-free or restricted products for people with diabetes, has a different type of audience than a pizzeria.

With this, the language, type of publication and campaign will be different.

Another important tip is to be present on social media and have quality content (with relevance) on websites and blogs.

Often, before making a purchase, customers research the company on social media and, therefore, it is essential that your business is there.

In addition, even before deciding to buy or which food to look for, these users often turn to search engines to find options, and it is important to bring materials that enable the location of these spaces to create relevance in the area.

Diversifying your customer communication channels can also be a good strategy, as it facilitates and optimizes the contacts made.

Finally, it is essential that your company also fulfils what it promises, showing relevance and bringing reliability to the brand, after all, if the opposite occurs, in addition to losing credibility, sales opportunities can be lost.

So don't promise a 30-minute delivery if the customer has to wait two hours to be served. This is bad for the company's image and causes negative comments about your business to surface on social media and in the app.

In this case, checking the distances and time of preparation of dishes, for example, is crucial to better measure the delivery time.

Run ads on social media and Google

Another very important tip for those who work with delivery is to create advertising campaigns on social networks, such as Instagram Ads.

Thousands of people use social networks to inform themselves, entertain themselves and discover new brands, products and services.

Because of this, an important way for your company to obtain a differential is through the creation of campaigns to advertise your services or products on social networks, expanding contact channels and reach opportunities.

These campaigns are paid and delimited for a while, adding benefits to your company, which range from increasing audience reach, improving sales and the company's image, in addition to making more people know your business in a more strategic and thought out.

To advertise on Instagram, it is important to understand how Facebook Ads works. Facebook and Instagram work in an integrated way, which means that a campaign can be shared on the other network, further optimizing campaign results and targeting.

For this to occur, your company must create a relevant ad, with defined keywords and audience to achieve the objectives.

Due to the greater potential for sales and reach according to the positioning and display of the page in the results, there is a dispute between the links that appear first in the ranking since they have greater visibility by the public.

Therefore, by creating a campaign and placing an ad on Google, your company can improve its positioning in the ranking, increasing its visibility. In this case, the result is flagged as an ad and considers the keyword auction, for example, as well as some aspects of relevance to users.

When creating an ad, your company needs to choose the campaign theme, callouts, keywords, target audience and even the coverage area of ​​your ad.

Another advantage is that Google has partner sites for the publication of the ad, which further favours the display of its delivery to users who have shown interest in correlated areas, according to the configuration of the advertisement.

In this way, it is possible to reach even more people, expanding sales potential and making delivery a reference in the market.


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