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Celebrating 2 Years of Ondway Delivery's Journey

As the founder and CEO of Ondway Delivery, I stand today with immense pride as we mark two years of exceptional service and innovation. Since our inception on February 7, 2022, Ondway has been driven by a singular vision: to redefine the standards of delivery with speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness at the forefront. Reflecting on our journey, it's clear that our ethos of continuous improvement and customer-centric innovation has been instrumental in our success.

Felipe and Thyago from Ondway

Ray from Ondway

Ondway has consistently shattered expectations, delivering an average time of just 21 minutes and completing over 80,000 deliveries. Our network now spans more than 100 business partners, with a strong contingent of over 1,000 registered riders. The tangible impact of our efforts is evident, with more than €1 million saved in delivery costs for our partners, demonstrating our commitment to value and efficiency.

From the outset, strategic collaborations have been the lifeblood of Ondway. Our partnership with Eddie Rocket’s fortified our network and showcased our capacity for significant order completion. This alliance set a precedent for our endeavours, highlighting the power of collaboration in achieving collective success.

Our holistic focus extends to the well-being of our riders, as seen with the distribution of winter jackets, ensuring their comfort and safety. We also introduced the Ondway Calculator, a testament to our commitment to transparency and strategic savings for our partners. Such initiatives reflect our dedication to fostering a supportive and empowering environment for all members of the Ondway family.

Innovation has always been at the heart of Ondway. We ventured beyond conventional delivery models, as our short film in March demonstrated, extending our services to pharmacies, offices, and a myriad of businesses. Our technological advancements, such as the Heat Map and Dynamic Integrations, have not only optimized delivery routes but also personalized the delivery experience.

We've also made significant strides in internal development, as illustrated by our office photoshoot that captured the corporate elegance and collaborative spirit of our team. Such internal milestones have been pivotal in shaping our professional identity and enhancing our workplace culture.

Our presence in leading publications like Business Post Magazine and the strategic support from partners like Flipdish reflect the trust and recognition Ondway has garnered. As we've grown, we've been mindful of the economic landscape, adjusting our pricing structures to ensure we remain competitive while offering enhanced plans and features.

Ondway featured at Business Post

Looking ahead, we are filled with aspiration. With negotiations underway with global retailers and the anticipation of our first month of positive net profit, the future for Ondway is bright. These accomplishments are not mere numbers but a narrative of our resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

As we celebrate this milestone, I am reminded that Ondway's journey is not one I've walked alone. It's a path we've carved together with our dedicated team, loyal partners, and the communities we serve. Here's to many more years of delivering not just packages but promises, of not just meeting expectations but exceeding them, and of continuing to drive the evolution of the delivery industry.



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