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The delivery BOOM is coming: how to prepare

The school year in Ireland starts in September. Thus, the months that precede it, such as August and July, are the months in which most families choose to travel. However, with the start of the school year, families return to routine and the BOOM of delivery orders arrives.

Yes, orders increase a lot in September and you need to be prepared for that. That's why we've brought here some practices, so you can prepare for this high demand.

Tips for meeting the high demand for delivery orders

When opening a restaurant and taking delivery orders, it is not enough to just think about the best dishes and technology. It is necessary to define or rethink the management you are performing. See how to ensure the best investment with the following steps:

Assemble and train your team

The first step is to create a competent and experienced team. Then you will need to train your employees constantly. Offer courses and lectures on creative cooking, Health Surveillance rules and time and crisis management.

Standardise tasks

The standardization of tasks consists of establishing the exact amounts and the specific step for the preparation of the dishes. This makes the day-to-day more dynamic and agile to meet the high demand for delivery orders. In addition, it helps to avoid wastage of ingredients. Don't forget to take care when organizing your food stock.

Invest in a custom app

Choosing a good app makes all the difference. Ideally, your restaurant should have a personalized app. With this option, you don't have to pay commission fees to third-party application startups.

In addition, it is possible to create a sales process and a direct channel to communicate with consumers, have an app layout similar to your brand and, thus, serve and retain many more customers.

Define the menu well

A lean but diversified menu is the best strategy for those who want to serve in the delivery mode. If you have a robust menu with a large number of items, you run the risk of not preparing the dishes promptly and compromising on-time delivery.

When a customer calls to place an order, they usually already know what your establishment offers and want to consume what is available on your menu. Therefore, keeping it up to date is synonymous with respect and concern for the consumer's desire.

Care for the organization

Making a mistake in delivery service is creating a feeling of rejection in the customer, causing him to look for another supplier that meets his expectations. The customer, when ordering food from a distance, waits for the dish exactly as described on the menu and at the exact time promised during service.

The organization is a key factor for successful delivery order management, protecting consumers from unpleasant surprises. When orders reach the kitchen, maintain a first-come, first-served basis to ensure customer satisfaction.

Choose the best packaging

The packaging, when it meets a modern design and maintains the quality and organization of the food, makes a positive impact – a new purchase may be made just because of it.

In addition to protection and packaging, the packaging is an excellent advertising strategy, as by ensuring that the food arrives intact, at an appropriate temperature and in the customer's hands, they promote the brand as a reference for safety and hygiene.

Prepare the team

The team needs to be trained and prepared to provide a cordial and efficient service. The management of delivery orders differs from the conventional: because the customer is far away, the service requires agility and increased attention to the correct notes of orders and delivery data.

Pay attention to delivery methods and time

When promising the customer a deadline for service, it needs to be fulfilled, so as not to harm the relationship of trust. Otherwise, your consumer will look for another punctual service.

Be transparent and report exact delivery times — thus giving your customer the power of choice.

In addition, delivery vehicles must be in perfect condition, and professionals must be trained to provide an agile but safe service. All these factors influence the conservation of the ideal flavour, texture, and temperature — and, consequently, the success of delivery order management.

Study the means of transport for delivery

Another essential tip to meet the high demand for delivery orders is to study delivery logistics. That means you need to think about which neighbourhoods and regions your rest will serve.

Much more than that, it is necessary to reflect on how the traffic in your city is and, if there are peak times, how to get around more quickly. With this step-by-step, you will certainly be able to serve many more customers.

For that, you will need good suppliers, so how about getting to know Ondway? We have an agile and robust logistics system that helps you follow the entire process, with peace of mind and at rates well below the market! Delivery can be hard. We make it easier. Register today!



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