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Delivery management: everything you need to know

Running a takeaway restaurant requires you to set up the restaurant in a strategic place where you have visibility.

Also, you need to target your audience. Select the type of customer your delivery wants to reach and, from that, assemble your menu. And, of course, always have a good operation and organisation of activities.

After all, ordering food through delivery apps has become a widespread habit around the world, due to the lack of time to cook every day. So, check out everything you need to know about delivery management!

1. Ordering should be quick and easy

Customers shouldn't have any difficulties when placing an order at your delivery restaurant, especially if you work with your own app or website.

Customers are hungry and anxious for food to arrive, so write that down as the main point of how to run a delivery.

It is more than necessary that the experience on your platform is fast, easy, and useful. Even for the restaurant. Opt for an application that you know how to operate and that facilitates your service.

One of the ways to be agile and offer good service is to describe the ingredients of each dish within the apps. This will save the restaurant time and make it easier for the customer to buy.

But, if you work with orders over the phone, it's good to avoid unnecessary questions and always respond objectively to the customer's doubts.

2. Choose a good platform for online delivery

Even before managing a delivery, you will need to make a profit and, for that, it is necessary to use the delivery application.

Nowadays, most people choose what they eat with their smartphones, so it's inevitable not to use technology to sell more.

Traditional apps usually charge a commission on the value of each sale, which is usually between 10 and 15%. You only pay for usage if you actually sell!

Even if it compromises a little of your delivery restaurant's average ticket, it's worth it for the exposure to new customers.

In addition, you can still select to have your own app to try to retain the customer more easily. In these cases, offering a functional platform is essential.

3. Have appropriate packaging for each food

The drama of many business owners and delivery restaurant owners is how the order gets to the customer.

Everyone who orders for delivery wants their food to arrive warm and tidy.

But, with the number of deliveries from the same courier, for example, it is sometimes difficult to guarantee the same quality for everyone.

There are also those problems of pizza toppings that get mixed up, sauces that leak from the packaging and drinks that arrive warm.

To avoid issues like this, it is more than necessary that you invest in packaging for delivery appropriate for the type of food that the place serves.

Invest in good suppliers! The cost may even be more expensive than usual, however, investing in the product of your delivery restaurant becomes more profitable, as it retains more customers.

4. Keep your customer loyal, always

If you are wondering how to manage a successful delivery restaurant in the long term, the main tip is this: invest in your customer's loyalty.

Generally, keeping an old customer costs 5 to 7 times less than acquiring a new one. Therefore, loyalty is a matter of survival.

The first step is, of course, to offer a high level of service. However, this is just the beginning.

Providing a loyalty program, with points that can be converted into discounts, is very important.

You can also offer a gift for orders over a specific amount, a free meal for every ten consumed, or free delivery.

5. Make promotions often

That's right! Who doesn't want to have a meal for delivery, paying less? Even more so when we are talking about your favourite dish.

Choosing specific days of the week with some promotion is a very good sales trigger, as it makes the customer build a shopping routinely at the restaurant.

Some options can follow the example: fries Monday, steak Tuesday parmigiana etc.

Sending notifications in the app or email with these promotions promotes a desire in the restaurant delivery customer. With that, you create the need to consume that plate of food.

Regardless of whether it's a pizza delivery, Japanese or vegan, for example, promotion is a crucial part of winning over the public. Don't be left out!

6. Analyse the feedback

This is one of the parts that, normally, those who run a delivery restaurant end up ignoring: analysing the feedback left by customers.

But, seeing the responses and evaluations that the clientele makes of each product is a way to make your establishment better and more suitable with what the population that attends wants.

Social networks and food delivery apps give the consumer a lot of voice. It is not enough to just thank the praise and ignore the criticism.

It is necessary to see what are the weaknesses and strengths of your delivery restaurant.

Solving some customer problems also makes a lot of difference, as a person who is dissatisfied with their order may go to social media and criticize the restaurant, increasing the establishment's rejection rate.



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