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How do I become a self-employed courier driver?

Delivery apps are gaining more and more space in big cities – we've even brought tips for those who want to know how to register the restaurant in the delivery apps.

But, now it's time to help you, that wants to learn how to become a self-employed courier driver.

Courier drivers around the world

According to recent studies, 90% of professionals who work with delivery use digital platforms to make deliveries.

What started as a way to earn extra income, is now the main job of people who have become unemployed or are simply seeking greater professional autonomy.

The apps allow couriers to make their own working hours. Many end up following so-called peak hours, when the number of orders increases, such as in the late afternoon and evening. Some companies even provide a place for self-employed professionals to rest during the day.

How to become a self-employed courier driver?

Let's take a look at how you can become a delivery courier in a few simple steps?

Choose your work tool

Well, the first step is to choose how you are going to carry out your deliveries. Whether on a bicycle or motorbike, you need to ensure that the vehicle is capable of being used for many hours in a single day. After all, your health and safety must always come first.

Have your documents in order

Having your documents and your motorcycle documents in order is essential before signing up on any platform. If you are an immigrant, your documents and visa must be valid and up to date. In the case of motorbike fines, you need to rectify this situation before starting work.

Choose a reliable platform

Can you work for more than one platform? Yes! However, you must choose each of them very wisely. That's because you'll have to create and maintain a working relationship, and if you don't have someone to turn to in difficult times, you can be very stressed out.

Therefore, our tip is to choose a platform with good support for drivers, with state-of-the-art technology, which has a good range network and has good stability to never let you down.

We have a tip for you: a reliable platform that offers advanced technology that helps you in your day-to-day delivery. So, come and discover Ondway, a delivery platform for restaurants that cares about you and provides everything you need to do your job with excellence: courier wallet, optimizes routes, task notifications, courier app and more! Register now!

Submit your documents and wait for approval

If everything is right with your documents and your motorcycle documents, you will probably be approved. However, you can be turned down by some platform. There are numerous reasons for this and the important thing is not to let it shake you and look for alternatives. You can always wait a few months and try again!

After approval, set your working mode

In which regions will you operate? How will their choice be made? If you're not taking orders, where do you go? Time is money, and you need to plan a lot so that you don't waste precious hours hanging around. Our tip for you is always to stay close to places known for being very concentrated in bars and restaurants. In this way, you greatly increase your chance of receiving a call.

Well, that was our step-by-step guide to becoming a delivery app driver. How about continuing to learn about the subject? Check here essential tips that will help you handle this job a little better and have more peace of mind in your life!

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