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How to get better reviews as a courier driver

Being a courier driver is not easy. Often, you may even notice that the app doesn't assign many deliveries to you. A great way to solve this problem is to seek better reviews, increasing your rating in the app.

After all, what makes people give you a higher grade? How to get better reviews and stand out as a driver? Check out our tips!

Focus on the delivery time

As expected, the speed of delivery influences how you are seen by the app's algorithm and by the client who rates you, so try to arrive before the deadline at both the pick-up location and the final destination. And we're not saying to be reckless or go at high speed, but there are several delivery guys who end up stopping along the way to chat and this ends up delaying the whole process, and apps charge a lot for this punctuality.


Another critical aspect is cordiality, remember what I said above that you are evaluated? Well, treating customers well, being attentive, punctual, all of this helps you make a good impression, and your reviews tend to be more positive (in addition to tips). But let's not forget, the restaurant staff must also be treated well, as the evaluation comes from both sides, both the customer and the restaurant.

High frequency of deliveries

The number of completed deliveries also influences your evaluation, so it is essential that you try to make as many deliveries as possible. Therefore, it is critical that you know well the city where you are running, and find the best spots to wait for the APP to play, in places of greater demand and restaurants. In addition, during commemorative seasons (Christmas, New Year, Carnival, etc.) the need for orders is also higher, so it is an excellent time to focus on increasing your number of orders and, consequently, your score, getting better reviews.

Availability to receive orders

Keeping the app logged in, that is, available to receive order offers, helps in the app's algorithm. The System may understand that you are more available to receive orders and tend to prioritize and consequently improve your score.

Well, that's it my friends, unfortunately, it's impossible to know how your score is going inside most of the apps because it's not something official, but what we, through customers and you who are on the street, perceive with the use of the app. But a thing is certain, with good service, efficient deliveries and being frequently logged in, over time you get a high score and more deliveries, if it is in the cloud, it will take a little longer, but following what was said above, being in the cloud or not, it's just a matter of time for your score to increase.

Be very careful with the package to be delivered. After all, if the customer receives a damaged object or food that has been turned over, they will likely give you a bad review.

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