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How to increase your restaurant's ATP: 5 tips

The average ticket is a very important indicator for evaluating the performance of your business. Most commonly, it provides the average value of sales per customer, but it is also possible to calculate the average ticket for a product or service. Evaluating these numbers is a factor that will help you calculate the profitability of the restaurant and change your stance as necessary to start investing in the right areas, making your restaurant better (and more profitable).

With that in mind, here are some options that you can use in your restaurant to increase your average ticket. From the menu and products offered to the restaurant system you use, everything makes a difference for the customer to consume more and increase your establishment's revenue!

1. Variety of products

increase restaurant average ticket

The idea here is not necessarily to offer more products, sometimes just a wider variety of combinations can be surprisingly efficient.

For example, if you run a hamburger and offer fries and onion rings, you can offer these side dishes (in smaller portions) directly in the hamburger order. Or make a combo with juices, soft drinks and beers.

It all depends on how the product is being shown at the point of sale, a simple repositioning (in stock or even on the menu) can already make a difference to increase sales.

If you choose to offer a product that is not yet sold in the restaurant, you will need to calculate the cost of the merchandise and the return on investment to know if it is worth it.

2. Quality service

What makes your restaurant service top-notch is not necessarily hiring the most experienced employee. Of course, experience helps, but you need to take other elements into account. Such as personality and ability to deal with people, things that you may only really realize after being hired.

However, you can invest in the team you currently have to make them more confident and better salespeople. Offering feedback is essential for your employees to know how to act in each situation. In addition, of course, to offering routine training so that they learn not only to deal with the customer and different situations but also to sell more efficiently. This training is important for agents to know the best approach to sell more products without compromising service quality.

You can even go a step further and offer incentives to agents, such as commissions for goal hits or bonuses for selling items that are more difficult to sell.

3. Customer relationship

It is not enough just to provide quality service and then forget that the customer exists. Did you know that it is easier to attract new customers than to keep a loyal customer? So, for customers to continue visiting your establishment, you and your employees need to have a good relationship with your customers.

Relationship marketing is critical, whether, via email or social media, you need to always be present and show what is happening in your restaurant. Some ways you can utilize these means are to:

  • Present the latest news and promotions

  • Make calls to earn discounts

  • Show other satisfied customers with the establishment

Also, if you're in contact with a customer who already consumes your products frequently, you can make more specific offers - such as offering a certain flavour of milkshakes because you already know that's what they like.

4. Promotions, discounts and gift cards

Of course, when we talk about increasing a company's revenue, whatever your business, promotions are never left out. You need to already have a profit margin and a sense of the return on investment that each product brings to run an effective promotion, but there's no doubt that everyone loves a good promotion.

Many places already work with loyalty programs, which makes people consume more in less time to complete their purchase cards and guarantee the freebie offered. In addition to this card, it can also be a good idea to offer a gift card, which works in a very similar way: for every X euros in purchases, the customer earns X euros to purchase something else. This card is good because often the card does not cover the value of what the customer wants to consume, so he ends up finding out the value and using the gift card only as a discount.

While all of these are great ways to increase your average ticket, remember to check your inventory to see if there is enough volume to meet the demands you receive!

5. Pay attention to the menu

There are three main characteristics to consider when thinking about your restaurant's menu: planning, design and differentials. Using strategic highlights and photos to highlight a product are guaranteed strategy to increase product sales. Also, get out of the “sameness” and offer some different and unique dishes, which no other restaurant in the region offers. You can even offer seasonal dishes, a special Valentine's Day dinner, and a unique Easter dessert, among others.

A customer satisfaction survey can occasionally help you determine which items are most interesting to the consumer, and this is a good time to replan your menu (at least once a year).


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