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How to start working as a courier driver

If you are looking for extra income or even a new job, starting work as a courier driver can be an excellent option. Many immigrants already arrive in Ireland for this purpose. After all, work of this kind here is much better rewarded than in other countries.

So, if you want tips to start working as a courier driver, you are in the right place! Stay with us and follow strategies to enter this profession with great success!

1. Focus on the right times

To increase your chances of making profitable trips, stay on top of the news in your city. Find out on which days games, concerts, exhibitions, or other major events will take place. That way, you can find out the right days and times to get customers more easily and economically. After all, everyone comes home hungry and with no will to cook.

2. Take advantage of peak times

Being willing to work at night is important, as the dawn is usually the most profitable time, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, days when the number of drivers decreases and fares rise. It's the best tip for those looking to get more deliveries.

On Sundays, get ready to work all day, as there will be no shortage of races from dawn to night.

Work in residential areas from 11 am to 2 pm, when people are having lunch. For dinner, the best times are from 17:00 to 22:00.

Don't worry so much about memorizing the best times to service the platform if you're still figuring out how to get started.

Starting with a few runs, with some good time intervals, just to understand how the app works and learn how to deal with the public, can be an excellent way to start this journey.

3. Ensure cell phone connection

Keep the delivery app always up to date, to avoid bugs during the day, and make sure your GPS is up-to-date.

For good customer service to be guaranteed, count on a device that is in full working order and with a good voice and data plan. So, you can get in touch with your passengers, and use GPS and application features whenever you need to.

Acquiring support for your cell phone is also essential so that you don't have difficulties viewing the application while driving.

To ensure that your cell phone battery does not run out, always have a charger in your vehicle.

While running, do not leave other apps open or put your phone in power-saving mode. By doing any of these things, your device's performance may be reduced.

4. Focus on security

Always confirm that the customer who requested delivery is the same customer receiving delivery. In case of suspicion, you can call the customer before arriving at the place.

Use the customer's rating as a safety rating, avoiding those who have a rating below 4. If they have ratings lower than this, they have likely caused problems in races with other drivers.

Not parking in deserted places and paying attention in risky regions are perhaps some of the most valuable tips for a novice driver. Also, don't be afraid to cancel races, as your safety and life are priceless.

5. Appreciate cordiality and education

Apps always favour their best delivery people, so try to keep your grade above average.

Always cherish cordiality and education with the customer throughout the delivery and show energy, as this will affect your result.

Be very careful with the package to be delivered. After all, if the customer receives a damaged object or food that has been turned over, they will likely give you a bad review.

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