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How to increase your restaurant profitability

Operating a successful restaurant requires owners and managers to not only focus on managing day-to-day operations but also consider ways to reduce costs and increase future sales. Below are examples of how smart technologies can increase a restaurant's profitability.

Explore cloud-based systems

Restorers who still use an old point-of-sale system are missing opportunities to streamline operations. Cloud-based POS systems store data in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere with internet access. These systems can support mobile devices that send orders directly from the table to the kitchen, with the potential to improve response time. Advanced POS technologies are essential for a restaurant business to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

Optimize labour

Innovations in restaurant technology can help optimize restaurant labour costs – one of the biggest and most controllable expenses. Restaurant scheduling software, based on forecast targets and percentage of sales per hour of work, can help management teams optimize work hours, saving time and energy. Restaurant technology, as a mobile app, has the potential to serve as a single point of contact for shift requests and messages across the enterprise, increasing employee engagement.

Improve forecast

Forecasting for restaurants helps operators make the most of the data available to them, both in day-to-day decisions and long-term planning. For restaurant owners and operators always thinking two steps ahead, sales forecasting can be a critical tool for meeting future challenges. Actual sales won't line up perfectly with a sales forecast every day, which means sales won't always match a person's work matrix. By using restaurant industry management experience and up-to-date restaurant reports to smooth forecasts, managers can adjust in real-time to stay close to the ideal workforce through tools like breaks, cuts, and calls.

Scan schedule

Using an employee scheduling software can help optimize labour costs while maintaining the best possible guest experience.

A central labour dashboard can empower scheduling managers to streamline scheduling with centralized employee shift request templates and information. Restaurant owners and operators can add custom labour models and target labour metrics by location. A labour tool can also provide solutions such as overtime monitoring or actual versus scheduled labour cost reporting for restaurants.

Create a more profitable menu

Restaurant menu engineering leverages data on profitability versus the popularity of individual restaurant menu items. Using restaurant operations software to automate data collection for the menu engineering process makes it easy to see trends. Automating the process also allows a company to see detailed sales analytics and even track them down to server performance. Menu engineering is most effective when the restaurant has an accurate and up-to-date picture of each menu item's contribution to the margin and sales record.

Customer-facing technology

Many customers expect a seamless and immersive technology experience and may stop going to a restaurant when a competing company can meet those demands. Encourage returning guests by embracing technology that offers customers an elevated experience through contactless payment, digital menus, mobile ordering apps and loyalty software.

Increase employee retention

Recruiting and training new employees is expensive. Apps for restaurant employees affect how staff communicate, strengthen company culture and increase employee retention. Whether a restaurant is announcing changes or celebrating achievements, an employee app can be a tool to engage staff and make employees feel invested. Employees are already looking at their phones often, so take the opportunity to develop your company's positive culture.

Use technology to your advantage

In an increasingly digitized world, using technology is an excellent alternative to increase the restaurant's profit. Try switching from traditional menus to digital menus.

Working with this menu model will give autonomy to the customer, who can order even without calling the waiter. The digital menu provides the customer with product information and customization possibilities.

The time saved with the digital menu allows waiters to serve a greater number of people and act much more like a salesperson, again expanding their possibility of increasing customer consumption at the restaurant. And thus, the level of satisfaction also increases, as the waiting time will be drastically reduced.

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