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How to Increase Your Restaurant Sales on Halloween

A date that many customers choose to celebrate outside their homes and in those restaurants that offer them the best experience. Is your restaurant ready for this party? Dim the lights, pour yourself a cocktail with black vodka, put on some eerie music and read the following ideas to make your restaurant look terrifying this Halloween, and increase sales.

Offer special events

To get the most out of this annual party, you can have a themed week from October 31st, the day on which Halloween is celebrated worldwide, and thus attract customers for several days. Here are some examples:

Limited edition dishes

What do you think of the idea of ​​creating a special dish for each day of the week and including them on the menu, thus enticing your customers? And yes, pumpkin could be the main ingredient, just like other fall products. This strategy always works, as we play with immediacy and with the need for customers not to miss this opportunity. In the case of younger customers, you can impress them with sweet dishes (the most typical of Halloween) with frightening presentations. Namely, smoothies of unsettling colours, black or violet, bloody pumpkin cakes with strawberry syrup or treats of surprising flavours.

Esoteric dinner

Suppose your restaurant is aimed at a female audience between 30 and 50 years old, for example. In that case, it has the perfect target to celebrate Halloween differently, organizing a special esoteric dinner, with a mystical decoration, a unique gastronomic offer, reading of letters or oracles, meditation sessions and rituals for abundance, for example, with professionals who are dedicated to this and who do it spectacularly. To complete this event, you can hire a trio of classical stringed instruments that will make special versions of mysterious themes or a group of Celtic music, for example, and you will surely be able to surprise.

Costume and cocktail event

A combination that never fails: costumes, succulent food and themed cocktails. Would you like to offer all this? You can hire a bartender who evokes the great alchemists, making preparations as if they were magic potions, with very colourful recipes, creative flavours and with liquid nitrogen, for example, to give a very special effect. As can be expected, it will be important to invite your customers to come in disguise and also have masks to offer the shyest. In addition, it would be equally interesting if the staff could show off terrifying looks to also be part of this celebration.

Another attractive idea is to create a space for customers to dance around an artificial fire, as was done in the past to scare away evil spirits.

Movie night and special menu

Another fantastic idea to fill your tables on Halloween is to create an event that includes a themed menu and the viewing of horror movies or short films. You can offer a special 3-course menu and put free caramelized popcorn on your tables to share. Is there anything more appealing to your customers than an evening of Stephen King shorts, delicious food and free popcorn? If you add even more subdued lighting with large chandeliers and candles, you will achieve a very strong effect that will certainly make customers come back next year.

Decorate the place

One of the “strong dishes” of any Halloween event is the decor. You can do it:


Using orange and black as a base, as well as pumpkins, candles and typical iconography of witches, zombies, death and fear. Although, we recommend consulting with a professional in interior decoration so that your business is spectacular and can differentiate itself from the competition, which will certainly also have its version of Halloween. Don't forget to decorate the entrance of the restaurant so that your passing customers are captivated to live the experience, as well as the bathrooms, which can be adapted with a more fun decoration.


If your restaurant's style is more minimalist and doesn't fit in with a commercial and flashy Halloween decoration, you can integrate this party into your decor, through strategically placed elements and responding to a concept, such as the Celtic origin of this pagan celebration, the druids. , wizards, sorcerers, and all mysticism or even the classic frightening tales. Thus, you can have centrepieces with small pumpkins, cinnamon sticks and mistletoe, dim the light a little and make lamps with turnips and vegetables as was done at the time. Or place graphic elements according to the concept you choose on your menu and according to the image of the business.

Of course, if you carry out these attractive actions for Halloween at your restaurant, you must promote them on all your digital channels. Do it and enjoy the date!



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