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Is it worth offering delivery in your business? Check out 5 benefits

In recent years, with the democratization of information through the internet, it is clear that customers have become more demanding and practical. Time is running out and when someone needs a product, they naturally opt for delivery.

The use of smartphones has contributed greatly to the rise of e-commerce and a commendable number of home deliveries. With specialized applications, it is possible to reduce delays, optimize time and register customers in order to enhance decision-making.

So that you can understand the subject a little better and present improvements in your sales processes, we have prepared a mini-guide with essential questions about delivery. Check out!

After all, is it worth offering delivery in your business?

Considering that the days are increasingly busy, and we are forced to reconcile personal issues with professional ones, it is difficult to have time to go to a store or eat out, isn't it? That's why delivery has conquered so many fans. It allows greater practicality and brings agility to the business.

When is delivery favourable for the company?

At first, you need to analyse the factors that drive this change in your business. While it's an interesting marketing strategy, it doesn't mean that everyone will be equally successful. Delivery becomes very viable when you need to diversify your business and expand your sales methods.

To do so, identify in the strategic planning the real opportunities for the implementation to work and the inherent burdens of the process. With this data in hand, it becomes easier to establish the necessary changes and equip the company to provide a quality and prestige service.

What are the benefits of delivery?

The moment you propose investing in delivery, know that you will have numerous advantages. Next, you will see 5 sensational benefits regarding delivery.

1. Offers greater convenience

Nothing like ordering a meal or any other service in the comfort of your home and even in the sector you work, right? Delivery provides unparalleled convenience, after all, all you need is a phone or smartphone to order in a few minutes.

2. Increases the clientele

If you intend to capture customers efficiently, there is nothing more engaging than providing the option to deliver services where customers want them. If the service is done well, this can become a lever for new business and transform the company's results.

3. Keep the sales target

When feeding the information to your financial control spreadsheet, you need to keep in mind that meeting sales goals is essential. With this, the application of delivery contributes significantly to achieving your goals and even surpassing them, depending on demand.

4. Increases revenue

If you don't have to spend your time expanding the physical space, hiring many employees and other resources inherent to a face-to-face sale, the trend is for revenue to rise. Combining this with customer demand for practicality, you will have an equation that will result in something positive for the company.

5. Optimize service

You hardly know anyone who enjoys waiting in line or has enough time to eat out every day, right? Therefore, delivery also collaborates in optimizing service. If it is well-executed, it can still raise the company's level and attract a larger customer base.

How to set up a delivery?

First, you need to check the movement of the niche in which you operate and do an analysis of the competition, even to adopt good practices and keep prices in line with the market average. Next, it is important to define the resources you will make available for delivery, such as employees, machinery, ordering platforms, transportation, and so on.

Regarding employees, you have two options: having your own fleet or outsourcing the service. In the first one, you should consider the issue of vehicle maintenance, fuel, and employee salary. In the second option, the concern is only with a fee, without having to pay attention to other obligations.

Thinking about the order, the most profitable choice is through apps, since people spend hours on their smartphones and find it more practical to order something there instead of calling companies. This process automation is essential because it minimizes operational failures, avoids congestion on the lines and becomes an additional channel for the company — which can serve as a strong ally in the dissemination.

How about getting to know Ondway? We have an agile and robust logistics system that helps you follow the entire process, with peace of mind and at rates well below the market! Delivery can be hard. We make it easier. Register today!



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