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How to make money with your car or motorcycle

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most people were at home and in the car in the garage. Many also faced financial problems as a result of having lost their jobs or not being able to work.

One way that can serve to circumvent this situation is to earn money using the vehicle. However, it is essential to say that not every type of delivery service is on the rise. Passenger transport, for example, had a sudden drop because of the pandemic.

But it's not just passenger transport that delivery apps live. On the Play Store alone there are more than 200 delivery apps from different services. To get an idea, the number of internet purchases and use of delivery apps grew from 30% to 60% in some companies. Large e-commerces are also investing in hiring more people

Therefore, deliveries of goods, documents, and food are also an option. Here are some apps that can help you. Stay with us!

Uber Direct

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, passenger transport by apps like Uber has dropped dramatically. Some drivers claim a 90% drop in the number of rides. In addition, others preferred to stop working because of the risk of contamination.

However, other options may be safer. This is the case with Uber Direct, a temporary service available to those who use Uber for Business. With it, you can call partner drivers to deliver products to your customers.

Uber Eats

Another option is Uber Eats. You can work with deliveries even if you are not a passenger driver. Due to the pandemic, Uber Eats has included virtual convenience stores, pharmacies and pet shops in the app, in addition to restaurants.

To register, you must have the option “exercise remunerated activity” on your license. A Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate is also required. Both documents must be within the validity period.

The vehicle does not need to be in the name of the person who will make the deliveries. With the application, the person chooses when to drive, and which times and days they prefer.

If you need to use a parking lot for delivery, Uber Eats reimburses the costs, upon presentation of proof. Another positive point is insurance coverage for personal accidents. The driver is covered on the delivery route.


The company was founded in Hong Kong in 2013. Currently, Lalamove is present in more than 260 cities in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, India and Latin America.

Like other apps, it connects companies to couriers. According to Lalamove itself, there are 15 million customers, including stores, large restaurants, retail chains and e-commerce. In all, there are 2 million partner drivers in different countries.

The prerequisites to become a delivery person are: being of legal age, having a motorcycle, car or van and a driver's license. It is also necessary to fill out an application form on the company's website. Before starting to drive, the delivery person undergoes training.

Prices vary according to distance travelled, time of day and additional stops. There is also an increase in the value if the driver needs to assist in loading the goods at the delivery time.

The driver controls how much he is earning on each delivery and the total balance through the app. You can withdraw money at any time.


Deliveroo is Ireland's leading online food delivery company. In addition to the Island, it operates in over two hundred locations such as the United Kingdom, Holland, France, and Belgium, among others. In December 2017, a study by macroeconomic consultancy Capital Economics revealed that Deliveroo has helped create 7,200 jobs across the restaurant industry since it launched in 2013.

Just Eat

Just Eat is a British (formerly Danish) online food ordering and delivery service that acts as an intermediary between customers and independent take-out food outlets. According to its website, the company operates in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.


Choose a reliable platform that offers advanced technology that helps you in your day-to-day delivery. So, come and discover Ondway, a delivery platform for restaurants that cares about you and provides everything you need to do your job with excellence: courier wallet, optimizes routes, task notifications, courier app and more! Register now!

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