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Marketing Tips for Restaurants with Delivery Service

Delivery is a practice that can be a very attractive strategy for those who want to guarantee a good income. However, when adopting this service, competition is huge, and conquering and retaining customers may not be an easy task.

In this sense, if you are looking for ways to improve your restaurant's results, maybe it's time to use marketing strategies for delivery! This means investing in dissemination and engagement actions that will optimize the return on revenue through this channel, which is so important for the food sales segment.

With that in mind, in today's post, we've listed 7 must-have marketing tips for delivery that you can use to make your business stand out in the market. However, first, understand why this investment in publicity actions is so important. Follow the reading and check it out!

Why should I invest in marketing for my delivery?

The investment in marketing is very important for restaurants that bet on the delivery service modality. After all, customers need to know that your establishment provides this type of service.

For this, however, it is necessary to have a thorough study of the public, seeking to understand what are the best means and channels to promote them.

Are your customers regular users of social media? Do you consume a certain type of content on the internet? Are you in the habit of reading a newspaper or listening to the radio in your city? All of this needs to be ascertained and taken into account.

What are the best marketing strategies for delivery?

After the marketing planning for delivery has been carried out, it is time to think about strategies so that your goals are achieved and profitability is increased. See some examples of actions that can be taken.

1. Prepare the delivery process

Before going out and taking several actions to attract customers for your delivery, it is essential to structure your delivery process. This is because, if users do not have a good experience with it, they will hardly buy again and will not recommend your establishment to other people. And retaining consumers must always be a clear objective of the company.

For that, it is important to define some topics, which we will talk about next.

Delivery area

The first step is to establish which region will be served by the delivery. It could be just the neighbourhood where the business is located — within a kilometre radius, for example — or the entire city.

However, it is crucial to understand the costs of each covered area and define the most appropriate delivery rate. Many restaurants calculate this value according to distance and use different prices for each location served; others set an average value that covers all costs.

Delivery time

The second item to be defined is the hours and days of service. Some companies don't receive many orders during the day or midweek, so they choose to only offer the service on weekends or overnight, to reduce the costs of keeping couriers throughout the work period.

Delivery team

Having defined the service area and the delivery period, you must estimate the staff needed to meet the demand. If the company expects to receive many orders during delivery, the idea is to create a process and a separate group just for this function, in order not to delay deliveries or generate a lot of waiting time.

2. Include the service on the business website

Now that your process is well-prepared, you should invest in marketing strategies for delivery, starting with putting information about the service on your website.

The ideal is to have the delivery data visible, with a menu tab dedicated to it and calls to action on the other pages. Also, put the phone number, company application and opening hours.​

3. Develop graphic materials

Another relevant suggestion is to use graphic materials, such as folders, leaflets and menus, to publicize and encourage the use of the delivery. For this, in all deliveries, you can include a menu of the products offered and pamphlets, publicizing the services and delivery options.

Furthermore, these materials can be distributed at the establishment itself, at the clients' tables or at the reception. A leafleting strategy in the delivery region can also be used when the company starts offering the service.

4. Customize the package

Your package can also be part of your delivery marketing strategy. They can be prepared with stickers, presenting the company logo, telephone number and even attractive images of the dishes sold.

5. Share on the company's social media

Practically everyone is present on a social network, whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, making this medium an interesting dissemination channel for any business that offers delivery.

In your communication material, such as menus and folders, include information from the company's social networks and ask customers to follow the news there. One tip is to offer exclusive offers in this medium, which attracts more followers.

6. Use paid media

Another important point on the internet is paid advertisements. Flexible in content and investment, the use of paid media is a strategy that more and more restaurants are using to attract customers.

Create campaigns on Facebook and use sponsored links on Google Ads to gain users for your delivery. The ideal is to test different keywords, images and content in each medium, aiming to find the best ways to sell more through these channels.

In this sense, it is important to mention that many companies hire specialized agencies to take care of this strategy since it requires time, dedication and good knowledge to achieve success.

7. Create a loyalty plan

Another interesting tactic to encourage the recurrence of purchases in delivery is the use of a loyalty program, such as a customer record or a points card, in which the user, after placing X number of orders, receives a gift from the establishment.

If you have a pizzeria, for example, you can offer a free pizza after purchasing 10 units. When the establishment works with low-profit margins, one solution is to increase the number of orders or else limit the flavour options, offering the simplest.

So, did you like these marketing strategies for delivery? Do you think working with this service is a good idea? So, get in touch with Ondway Delivery and enjoy the best ultra-fast delivery service in Dublin!



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