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How to use influencer marketing in restaurants

Using influencer marketing is associating your brand with someone who can influence others. Currently, this exchange happens through partnerships with digital influencers through social networks, and your restaurant can - and should! - use that visibility to increase sales.

Your business can gain more prominence and be recognized by a greater number of people if it is associated with an influencer. The reason for this is quite simple: currently, internet users follow the social networks of certain people and want to consume the same as they do, be it clothes, beauty products or even frequent the same restaurants.

Therefore, a photo posted on a well-known social network and followed by a reasonable number of people can be a good way to use influencer marketing in favour of your restaurant.

What is influencer marketing?

It is the newest practice on the market, and it happens whenever a brand associates with an influencer. In the case of restaurants, this professional can be linked to the gastronomic world or not.

The public tends to believe much more in the consumer opinion of influencers they admire than to think, for example, in advertising and restaurant advertising.

The aim is to share photos of the dishes and exalt the experience with the service and the novelties of the place, including the positive points that make them stand out from the competition.

You must have consumed a product or visited a certain place under someone else's influence, right? For this to happen naturally, the restaurant hires a personality that can be famous, a sub-celebrity or a micro-influencer, that is, someone known in their city who has a good number of local followers on their social networks.

The numbers accumulated in the accounts don't exactly define much, you need to consider engagement and if that person's target audience matches your brand. But don't worry, because in the next topic we will explain in more detail who should be hired and how to choose the right person according to your business.

What to consider when hiring an influencer?

Before hiring a professional in the area, you need to look for some identification points, such as analysing your restaurant's target audience, that is, you must check if the influencer's followers are the clientele you want.

In addition, it is important to ask him to present a report, showing the number of impressions and the scope of the account. It is through these numbers and the engagement that the influencer has that it will be possible to understand if the investment will be worth it.

To understand a little better about these numbers, see below what they mean.

Account reach

This indicator refers to the number of people who received the content individually, that is, it counts one by one the number of accounts that received the publication.

Number of impressions

On the other hand, the number of impressions is related to the number of times someone watched or clicked on the content.

That is, a person who has an account receives the content only once, this is the reach, and then he watches the content three or four times, this is the impression recorded by social networks.


This factor is related to the interaction of the followers with the influencer, that is, the way they respond to the posted content. If they participate, share, and make appointments involving the author of the post.


Especially for videos, this metric works as follows: for each account that accesses and watches the posted video content, the social network counts, adding up at the end the number of hits that content had.

This set of information is worth as much as the number of followers, after all, with the globalization of the professional's work and the number of exchanges that some earn, it is possible to obtain followers in other ways than organically.

Understand that gaining followers organically happens when people follow an account willingly and out of admiration for their work.

Some newer influencers choose to buy followers, which can often not guarantee good numbers of views, impressions and reach since the followers are there because of the algorithms of the social network itself, which allows this type of action.

Micro-influencers: why is it interesting to hire?

The future hire needs to have an identity similar to the brand, so if your restaurant is a neighbourhood business or aimed at the city's public, micro-influencers can be a great marketing idea.

That's because the followers are completely organic and geared towards local commerce. It may not seem like it, but local micro-influencers tend to have more access to the public, as they identify with whoever is on the other side of the screen, sharing common things and general knowledge of those who watch, after all, everyone likes to know something accessible, of quality and that, is close to us, isn't it?

Another interesting point is that most of these professionals do not charge a fee for partnerships, most of the time, this happens through barter. That is, the influencer can exchange marketing services for discounts or even completely free meals.

When to hire a famous influencer?

If your establishment is of a high standard, such as more gourmet and high-priced restaurants, feel free to look for a famous influencer, but be prepared for the fee, which will certainly be charged.

These, in turn, rarely exchange their services for barter, in most cases, the work is done and remunerated in cash, in addition to free meals.

Know that the most significant influencers do not always have a specific niche of followers, but they have a high level of persuasion and, as a result, they can influence their audience in decision-making.

Care must be taken with suppliers on all fronts of the restaurant, from influencers, delivery packages, to food. The lowest price is not always the best option. To ensure the best cost-benefit ratios, do a lot of research and testing before deciding on larger purchases.

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