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7 steps to implement a successful delivery in your restaurant

The food industry is always an excellent alternative for those who want to undertake. The current moment, with the new coronavirus pandemic, requires establishments to rethink their business model. People are at home and cannot go directly to the place and, therefore, knowing how to implement delivery in the restaurant is critical to driving sales.

By offering this type of service, your business will already come out ahead, as it helps to retain customers and increase revenue, which is very important for the success of any venture.

Changes indeed require significant work and effort. However, with our tips, the result will be worth it. Want to know how to set up a successful delivery? So, keep reading!

1. Plan the process accurately

Planning is the first step that must be taken into account to implement the delivery system in the restaurant. It acts as a guide, preventing the logistics of the enterprise from getting lost.

In this way, it is essential to set goals and targets for hiring employees, purchasing vehicles, restructuring the work dynamics of employees and preparing a place for loading and unloading. In addition, it is necessary to describe in detail how much you have to spend and follow this path so as not to go over budget.

When starting a business, it's good to be realistic. In many cases, profit can be delayed, and it's critical to be prepared if that happens.

2. Set the menu

Leaving the entire menu available for delivery is a big mistake for those who are starting to set up a delivery service. Likely, the restaurant does not have enough packaging for each item on the menu, and this causes employees to waste time during this process.

In addition, some dishes are expensive, and customers may not choose this option. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of losing out. So, most of the time, it's not worth taking risks. The tip is to opt for a more basic menu, but with plenty of quality.

To define a strategic menu, think about your audience and business model. If the establishment opens during the day, include attractive lunch dishes, such as ready-to-eat kits or combos.

3. Organize internal processes

With the implementation of a delivery service, your restaurant must structure itself to deal with the increase in sales. It is important to remember that the establishment will not only serve those who are willing to leave the house. On a busy day, employees can still have a lot of work dealing with preparations that have to go out for delivery.

Thus, it is very significant to simplify all processes. It's good to ensure that a simple task doesn't become long and complicated, bringing mistakes and frustrations along the way. Analyse the best way to execute internal activities, always taking into account delivery excellence.

4. Prepare the team

One of the most essential points for the success of any delivery is to have a prepared and trained team. Therefore, it is essential to analyse what the restaurant's demands are and hire a certain number of delivery people to avoid delays.

If on weekends the orders increase and during the week the pace of deliveries is slower, a good option is to hire more employees to reinforce the team during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is also interesting to hire couriers by shift, trying to structure the work routine of each one with the average number of deliveries.

Also, remember to train the entire team on important business processes. This provides greater security for the enterprise to grow.

5. Choose the appropriate packaging

Choosing the correct packaging is one of the main precautions that managers must take to deliver meals with a high-quality standard. Serving food in the restaurant itself can be an easy task as you have more control over the presentation.

However, for delivery to work, it is necessary to invest in appropriate packaging that allows food to be delivered with a good appearance and that attracts the attention of customers. Thus, investing in custom containers is a good way to ensure product presentation and differentiate your business from competitors.

Imagine that you have a restaurant and your dishes don't reach the clientele, looking the same as in the photos? Early on, this can end the delivery success. So remember that packaging is key to providing a great consumer experience.

6. Promote your service

For delivery to have results, customers must know this new option. With the power of the internet, the best alternative is to invest in social media. To ensure that this disclosure reaches people, choose the profile of your target audience and the area you want to reach.

However, don't limit yourself to that. “Word of mouth” is also fundamental in this process. Therefore, invest in pamphlets and recommendations from the customers themselves.

7. Offer quality service

Another important point is to define a service structure for your delivery. Applications, for example, facilitate customer registration, ensure a global view of the entire process, enable consumer loyalty and avoid problems with busy telephone lines.

Customers will likely appreciate all the convenience provided by this type of service, as the order can be placed quickly, without the need to contact by phone. In addition, there is the possibility of viewing the image of the dishes, which facilitates the choice.

Did you like this post and have any questions about delivery and how to implement it in your restaurant? Then contact us. It will be a pleasure to answer you!


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