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7 strategies to increase sales in your restaurant's delivery

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Online strategies are more than necessary for all businesses in the world today, both for sales and for brand presence and reinforcement. Delivery services are increasingly present in our lives, now more than ever. Not only because of the delicate moment of the pandemic in which we live, but mainly because of the convenience, practicality, safety and cost that it offers to its users. It is necessary to focus on them, structure them and also publicize them well.

If your business doesn't offer the online version, and it's not online, not even to advertise, it's time to rethink your marketing and sales strategies. In recent years, several applications have emerged and competition from deliveries and e-commerces is only increasing. Many restaurants have adapted, and the market has opened new doors for those who understand that consumption has changed.

If you own a restaurant and haven't thought about serving online, now is the time. If you are already in the digital world and looking to be always in sight of those looking for a good meal via delivery, the tips we have separated are essential for your digital marketing strategy from now and for the future:

1- Be present on social media

This first point is essential for you to create communication with your customers. You must know your audience, establish your persona, and become a reference for your potential customers to find you with relevant information about your industry and your services and products. An important tip is: as there are several social networks on the market, you will need to understand which makes the most sense for your establishment when offering and promoting your products.

If we take the two main social networks, Instagram and Facebook, it is possible to use and abuse all the tools available in each one: expand your communication through stories, share your menu, discuss the advantages it offers over the competition, with testimonials in the feed. You can create videos showing the preparation of each dish, among numerous other actions. All this to the most important point: engaging your customers.

2- Structure your internal system to meet online demand

It's no use being on top of all delivery networks and apps if you don't structure your team to serve all these channels well and efficiently. It is important to establish where you will accept orders, without leaving any customer in doubt whether their order has been passed to the kitchen or not. For example: if your restaurant accepts orders only via the app, it is extremely important to make this guidance explicit on your social networks. It is important, if possible, to have someone always on hand to respond to private messages and comments about recurring queries. Respond including criticism and praise. So perhaps your business plan should only include a few channels initially.

3- Use paid media to appear

To reach more customers, within your target audience, it is essential to use paid media, not just develop your digital presence organically. This is so that your service arrives faster and faster and in more people. The objective is that they can get to know and recommend your restaurant to more people, therefore, you must be able to offer all the quality service you propose.

If you already have or plan to create a website for your restaurant, Google Ads is your essential ally so that your website is in the first links in search results. But, if you're just starting out, a great way might be through FaceAds, Facebook's tool for promoting services and products that, through public analysis, can attract and bring the ideal customer to you.

When you advertise your service or product organically on your Facebook page, only about 6% of people who are online and like your page are able to view the content, an algorithm that gets smaller and smaller. In addition to injecting money, the big key to sponsored ads is reaching the right people at the right time. For this, a good campaign analyst can help you with coherent content, the audience and the ideal time for you to reach your goal faster.

4- Use geolocation

There is no one who has never experienced the famous “what are we going to eat today?”. As the market for restaurant deliveries is vast, there is always a new customer to win. An easy and sure way to appear for him is using the geolocation tool, present in practically all apps and, mainly, in Google, the latter being the place where you should focus the most.

The geolocation tool on Google is nothing more than the area full of demarcations that appears when you search for some type of service or establishment online. There you can find the main information about your restaurant and your customer can find out more about you. This tool is essential for ads to be delivered consistently and consistently. Don't fall for the mistake that the more people you reach, the more customers you will gain. It just works in a focused way. The ads that use geolocation are designed to attract potential customers at the right time, for example, it is passing in the region at lunchtime. Wisdom and creativity are great allies when advertising your products.

5- Sign up for Google My Business

Like geolocation, Google My Business is a free tool that Google offers so you can be found quickly and consistently by your current and new customers. In it you can put all the data of your restaurant, making it find you consistently, understanding more about what you can offer. There you will have your address, types of services, products and everything you find relevant. You can even share photos of your dishes, internal photos of the establishment and events you have made, menu and all the important information for promoting your restaurant. Something you would say about him yourself, if you could talk one by one, in the word of mouth format of yesteryear.

There are many subjects, isn't it? But they all represent opportunity.

Knowing how to invest correctly and reconcile all these tools to promote and move your restaurant only depends on having an expert at your side. Now that you know a little bit of everything, count on a delivery platform that is always available and easy to use. Contact Ondway Delivery!



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