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Tips for courier drivers: how to make your job a bit lighter

Not having a boss and making your own work schedules can be liberating. A lot of people will agree with this. After all, there isn't that pressure of waking up at a fixed time in the day to day and a boss demanding results every end of the month.

On the other hand, freedom also brings its own challenges, and anyone who works on their own needs to be careful with a lot of points. So check out this text with tips on how to make the courier driver work a bit lighter. Good reading!

1) Motorcycle Care Tips

Whoever works doing deliveries knows how important taking care of the bike is. After all, a day out with the bike being repaired also means a day with no earnings – and no one wants to be taken by surprise. Check out some tips to avoid this situation!

  • Always keep your tires inflated: prevents damage and increases tire life, preserves the stability of the motorcycle, makes driving more efficient and decreases fuel consumption.

  • Regularly lubricate the transmission chain: experts recommend that this be done every seven to ten days, using oil or spray grease – normal grease and solvent-containing products can dry out your components in the medium term. Remember to lubricate the chain when it is still hot so that the oil is more easily absorbed and enters any tight points in the links. Be careful not to burn yourself while doing this!

  • Check brake and clutch cables: check each for signs of rust or frayed spots every 10,000 kilometres. Identifying any of these signs means it's time to go to a specific store or dealership to make the exchange. In addition, the ideal is to check and adjust the slack of the cables with the levers and switches, to prevent them from being activated by mistake or at the wrong time.

2) Bike Care Tips

In addition to the care at home, it is also necessary that you have a periodic inspection by a professional, who will carry out a more thorough maintenance of your bike.

  • Lubricate your bike: not lubricating your chain can cause the pins to start to fail, and consequently the chain will break, in addition to the possibility of wearing out the gears and making it difficult to change gears.

  • Keep your bike always clean: whenever you clean your bike, prefer not to use washers that have high pressure, especially car washes, as the force of the water causes water to enter some areas of your bike that can damage it.

  • Pay attention to your bicycle's tires: observe the correct air capacity (the calibration comes on the side of the tyre), as a tire with a lot of air inside it has greater pressure, which causes loss of traction or difficulty in carrying out movements.

3) Combine work and leisure

Discover how to reconcile leisure and work, without compromising your health and, of course, your monthly income. Let's go!

  • Control your finances: know how much money comes in, how much money goes out – and where that money is going. If your salary is always used to cover debt, it's a sign that you need to organize your finances and see where you can save.

  • Have earnings targets: divide the amount you need to earn by the number of days you work in the month. The result of this account is your daily earnings target. If you prefer, you can split this goal weekly too, it depends on what works best for you.

  • Don't take work for leisure time: imagine that you have organized finances and earnings goals up to date, it is still important to know that leisure time is for rest. If you mix the two, you end up not doing either one right. So, here's the tip: at rest, try to disconnect 100%.

4) Be careful with delivery

Care with the order makes all the difference at the time of delivery. So, follow these tips!

  • Check the packaging: when collecting the order, it is worth checking that everything is well packaged. If you do this before leaving the restaurant, you ensure that the proper packaging is being used. If you are unsure of the quality of the packaging, ask the restaurant to exchange it.

  • Use the appropriate compartments in your bag: some coolers models have compartments for specific types of food and beverages that guarantee the care with the orders. Soda bottles are generally better transported in the outer compartments, packages and more fragile dishes in smaller compartments, preferably at the top of the box.

  • Respect yourself, take it easy: safety comes first, so go ahead, don't rush, that in addition to ensuring that the order arrives whole and warm for the customer, you also preserve the most important thing: your life and health.

The last tip we have for you is to choose a reliable platform that offers advanced technology that helps you in your day-to-day delivery. So, come and discover Ondway, a delivery platform for restaurants that cares about you and provides everything you need to do your job with excellence: courier wallet, optimizes routes, task notifications, courier app and more! Register now!


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