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Few orders in delivery? These tips will help improve efficiency

If you work with restaurants, it is practically essential that you are also working in the delivery market. However, having a delivery is not for everyone and, if managed incorrectly, it can generate a lot of headaches for not generating the expected result. So, if your delivery is low on orders, stay tuned for the tips we're going to give you now!

How to offer a quality delivery service

The first step for your sales to be higher in the delivery system is to ensure that it is done with great quality. For this, some ingredients are essential for success:

Correctly establish your delivery area

Whether it's just the neighbourhood where your restaurant is located or the entire city, it's crucial to think about this area to invest in delivery people and packaging that keeps food warm, among other details. Think of the whole journey!

Plan when delivery will be available

Check the days and hours of service when you have the highest demand to offer the delivery service. Some companies, for example, do not have many orders during the week and prefer to provide delivery only on weekends, for example.

Invest in packaging for your delivery

This step is very important! Packaging that keeps your plate warm travels well and doesn't suffer damage during delivery is something any customer expects when receiving their order. So, research very well!

Form your delivery team

After defining the area, days and times of your restaurant's deliveries, it's time to plan what your team will be to meet the demand. If you have many orders, the ideal is to invest in a team only for delivery, optimizing the service and avoiding delays in deliveries.

Use marketing to get more delivery orders

The first step is completed: your delivery has been planned, is running and deliveries are being made. How about investing in marketing to take you even further?

There are many ways to market your delivery service and draw customers' attention to your restaurant. Meet some:

  • Include the delivery service on your restaurant's website, with visible and complete data. Let customers know!

  • Strength on your restaurant's social media! As with any company, it is important to be present and have content that reaches your customers. Highlight the dishes, and, of course, the delivery service! Ease the user experience by letting them place their order as quickly as possible. Who has never seen an eye-popping dish on Instagram and was dying to order it, right?

  • An important point for your business to grow: use professional photos! A dish tastes much better when presented well. Heads up!

  • Boost posts that show the best of your restaurant. It can be a video of the preparation of a dish, or a photo of one of the flagships of the house. Don't forget to put in this post all the information that anyone who might be interested needs, huh?

  • Did you know that you can make announcements only to those who are close to you? So it is! With geolocation ads, your restaurant can reach only people who are in the range of your delivery. That way, anyone who is impacted and mouth-watering will be able to order their dishes without any distance problem! Be sure to try this solution.

Finally, ensure what the customer considers the basics

People are increasingly demanding and impatient, so be very careful not to send customers to your competition.

Attention when receiving orders

When a customer tries to connect with your establishment, most of the time they won't wait more than 5 minutes for a response. He will look for another establishment.

So be very attentive to all ordering channels you have. On the delivery platforms you have, make sure the order panel is open and their approval is as fast as possible.

Status update and delivery time

The customer likes the information on how his order is doing, when the product goes out for delivery, don't forget to update the platform or inform him. The delivery time you reported will be his expectation, so be very careful that it is fulfilled and does not generate any disappointment.

Delivery errors or problems

Customers get very irritated when they receive food with a problem (scrambled, cold, wilted), but sometimes this can happen, so make sure you have a phone number or contact channel available for the customer to leave their feedback, listen and seek to reverse the negative experience.

What about you, what did you think of these tips for your delivery service to get even better? Tell us in the comments!



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