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Why and how your restaurant should invest in delivery: increase your sales!

For establishments, offering a delivery service has many advantages: on days when people prefer not to leave their homes (such as those with heavy rain), their income is less affected. Besides that, if the room is full, you can continue serving – and earning!

However, it is not enough to hire a motorcycle courier and start delivering: managing a delivery service is much more complex than managing a restaurant! Start on the right foot: check out these reasons and tips to start delivering and dominate your market!

Why you should invest in delivery

Delivery today is one of the most requested operations among restaurants, in large centres the cost of travelling to the restaurant (not counting time) often ends up causing the customer to stop buying, but this has also become a problem in smaller cities, where people want the convenience of ordering food from home, without much effort. Not convinced yet? We tell you some other reasons to invest in this strategy!

  • Increase your sales: many restaurants that have a lounge suffer from empty tables during some days of the week, especially at the beginning of the week. Delivery is a great alternative in this case, as several surveys and studies have shown that consumers already have a preference for restaurants with delivery.

  • Offers convenience to customers: today, delivery has been a great demand by customers, from the perspective of convenience, customers choose to order at home instead of having to go out to pick up their order or eat out in cities with a high rate of violence, going out at night has become a problem that some prefer not to risk.

  • Lower your costs: one of the main factors that lead restaurant owners to choose to work with delivery is the reduced cost of this operation, without the need to have an investment with waiters, cashiers, physical structure, etc., you can increase your margin of profit and offer more attractive prices to customers.

How to invest in delivery

Those who follow market trends know that delivery services are increasingly on the rise.

However, as in any segment, it is essential to understand the needs of this sector, as well as the consumers and how to operate to meet this demand. Check out the steps you need to follow before setting up a delivery for your restaurant.

Plan the process

In addition to an analysis of the market, which includes an assessment of the public, the scope of the delivery area, the selection of good suppliers and the choice of the best way to offer delivery, the structure of your restaurant should be evaluated.

This is important because demand will increase, but, likely, there is not, at least initially, the idea of ​​expanding the physical space to meet orders at home.

See competitors' work

Competitors can show which strategies work in a particular region, the profile of the public and indicate paths to your business. Do not lose sight of the fact that, although it is possible to replicate well-established models in your business, it is important to observe your competitors with a critical sense.

In addition to serving as an example of what can be done, competitors also help to discover what is missing and what can be changed in the market. Read customer reviews, see what the top complaints are, and identify where your restaurant delivery can serve you better than your competition.

Offer differentiated service

Define a service structure for your home delivery service. Will you have attendants, or will you prefer a delivery app?

The interesting thing about using the app is that it facilitates the creation of consumer records, avoids problems with busy telephone lines, allows customer loyalty through benefit programs, for example, and also guarantees a global view of the process, from order to delivery.

Your customers will certainly appreciate the convenience provided by this service, as the order is placed quickly, without the need for telephone contact. There is also the possibility of having access to images of the dishes, making the choice easier, as well as having information about everything that your restaurant offers, without errors, without noise.

Have good suppliers

Offering quality food in your restaurant delivery is only possible with the use of inputs of good origin. Invest in having a good list of suppliers, carefully selecting who will be responsible for supplying your business.

Care must be taken with suppliers on all fronts of the restaurant, from systems, delivery packages, to food. The lowest price is not always the best option. To ensure the best cost-benefit ratios, do a lot of research and testing before deciding on larger purchases.

Speaking of good suppliers, how about getting to know Ondway? We have an agile and robust logistics system that helps you follow the entire process, with peace of mind and at rates well below the market! Delivery can be hard. We make it easier. Register today!



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