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How to make extra money working flexible hours

Many people are looking for ways to supplement their income, and knowing how to make extra money working flexible hours can be the solution to that problem.

For many professionals, just the salary earned during regular work is not enough to achieve their dreams. For other people, steady employment is not a reality.

So, thinking about helping you in this process, here we separate the best options to earn money while working flexible hours that fit this routine.

7 ways to make extra money working flexible hours

Nowadays, there is no shortage of ideas and opportunities to make extra money.

But, for this to get off the ground and become something really profitable, we have separated some of the most common ways that are most in demand. Check out!

1. Work as an app driver

If you have a driving licence, transportation apps can be a great option for extra income on the weekend.

Typically, these are the periods when this demand usually increases considerably, making earnings much more profitable than on weekdays, for example.

Whether working with your own car or renting one to work for a certain time, this can be an excellent alternative.

For this, you can register in some main applications on the market, and of course, according to the usability of your region.

2. Work as a courier driver

If you want greater autonomy and prefer to work with more agile demands, working with delivery services is among the best options for gigs to increase income.

One of the biggest advantages of this model is the fact that it is not necessary to have motorcycles or cars. After all, it is also possible to make deliveries using bicycles, for example.

Choose a reliable platform that offers advanced technology that helps you in your day-to-day delivery. So, come and discover Ondway, a delivery platform for restaurants that cares about you and provides everything you need to do your job with excellence: courier wallet, optimizes routes, task notifications, courier app and more! Register now!

3. Pet sitting

If you are a pet person, you can leverage that genuine love to develop skills on how to earn money on weekends caring for pets.

The main objective, in this case, is to make the animal owners find homes that can welcome the pets and thus, ensure that they will have full attention when they need it.

It can also extend to walks and taking pets to play.

4. Babysitting

It is very common, in American films, to see scenes of people who are hired for nights or a few days to take care of children.

So, babysitting can be an interesting alternative if you like children and require suggestions on how to earn extra income on the weekend.

To start promoting your work, the best way is to make the services available on social networks and count on the indication of relatives and friends.

5. Working in restaurants

Most restaurants and bars have a greater flow of movement on weekends and often need a greater volume of manpower to meet demand in a structured way.

The vacancies can be for different areas of the food trade, such as:

  • counter attendants;

  • waiters and waitresses;

  • kitchen;

  • delivery.

In addition, in many cases, especially for punctual labour, the requirement for knowledge of the area is usually much lower.

So keep an eye out for vacancies through social media or job sites. However, you can also choose shops close to your home to make their services available and guarantee extra work on the weekend.

6. Work at events

Along the same lines as working in restaurants, events can also be a great opportunity to earn extra money on weekends.

After all, it is quite common for buffets to hire people to work on weekend events. As they typically do not have so many permanent employees, the number of vacancies may be higher.

However, for events, previous experiences are typically necessary and resumes are often sent through the company's website or email.

7. Private lessons

Frequently, when we want to learn something in a specific way, or we are having difficulty in a certain subject, we look for someone specialized in our demand, right?

Therefore, private lessons can be another way to earn extra money on weekends.

In this way, it is possible to make all your knowledge available, whatever it may be, to people who are really interested in learning about the subject.


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